Nature Scavenger Hunts

Outside Measurement Hunt - Scavenger Hunt of the Week -
September 20th   
word document

Bird and Insect Hunt -  Scavenger Hunt of the Week  - July 19th

Nature Walk -     view mobile-friendly

Zoo Habitat Hunt -    view mobile-friendly

Zoo Camouflage Hunt -    view mobile-friendly     A great hunt for a walk
around the zoo.  Try to find examples of the 4 different types of

Creature Hunt - Search for creatures.  Circle the pictures or words that
describe each creature you find.  

Limerick Treasure Hunt

Fall Scavenger Hunt -  view mobile-friendly    Find something that fits
each  description.  They must all fit in the bag.

Nature Drawing Chart Game -  Find creatures, trees, etc.. and draw
them on your chart.

Zoo Animal Scavenger Hunt -    view mobile-friendly    mobile-friendly
answers           Rhyming clues for animals at the zoo.

Zoo Animal Hunt 2 -  view mobile-friendly    These are relatively general
descriptions.  Take a trip to the zoo and see how many animals you can
find that match each description. -

Nature Chart Game -   view mobile-friendly   See how many objects you
can find out in nature that fit each category.  -

Nature Bingo Game -  Rhymes for things to find out in nature.

Free outside scavenger hunts.  Perfect for a family reunion or block
party. Fun outside games for all ages.  Click on the title below to
download and print.  Games have picture and rhyming clues.  
Rhyming clues will build word pattern recognition which will
increase reading skills.  The hunts are fun and active reading
games. Children learn about nature and animals while playing an
educational game.  Children get great exercise and learn about the